It’s important for us to have hobbies – especially as many of us in the legal and technology professions spend a great deal of time being laser-focused on our careers.

As a I get older (and more mature 😎), I’ve increasingly realized the importance of having a wide range of interests that are outside of

After a very challenging 2020, it’s great to see 2021. Happy New Year!

While I know that many folks make official New Years resolutions, I have never been much of a New Years resolutions type of guy. We need to constantly change as lawyers or we risk irrelevancy – and the same can also be

Near the end of my first year of law school I unfortunately witnessed one of my classmates having what appeared to be a nervous breakdown during a class after a confrontation with a professor.  Although that incident occurred over twenty years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday and it was my first exposure