During this time of increased business uncertainty, it’s important for legal departments to adopt a Moneyball approach in running their legal teams. In case you did not know, Moneyball is a terrific book written several years ago by Michael Lewis and it became a popular movie starring Brad Pitt.

Moneyball is essentially a philosophy

After an unprecedented and highly tumultuous year in 2020 we are all looking forward to a new year in 2021! 2021 will continue to present important opportunities and challenges for in-house counsel. Here’s my “Top 5” focus areas for corporate counsel and their legal departments in 2021:

Continued Covid-19 Impact: While we end 2020 with

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a big impact on many in-house legal departments. Some in-house counsel are busier than ever before addressing a wide range of legal issues that have arisen due to the COVID-19. In addition, the budgets of some in-house legal teams may be negatively impacted due to the crisis. As a result,