Artificial Intelligence

During my legal career, I have had the good fortune to deliver legal support to some of the best marketing and sales enablement professionals in the world.

One key thing they have taught me is the importance of building and periodically evolving your brand.

Over the past 5 years I have authored 50+ blog posts

As the group’s lead guitarist, the iconic musician George Harrison was the primary singer only on a few Beatles songs.

One of those songs (which was also written by Harrison) was called “Taxman.”

Based on this recent NY Times article, it seems like AI is the new “Taxman” as the US Internal Revenue Services

It’s been said that “data is the new oil”🪔- and that is certainly the case with the growing prevalence of AI solutions.

The need for incredibly large sized datasets – and high-quality data – is vitally important to help train AI algorithms and to properly fuel AI.

In fact, data and AI are a dynamic duo. They are like a modern-day Laurel

A few weeks ago, on the way back home from a great family vacation in Italy, I traveled on a long 10 hour flight from Rome to Chicago.

Since I have a hard time sleeping on planes, I watched several movies on the “friendly skies” of my United Arlines flight.

I was in for a